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Terms and conditions; I think I'm OK under the rules of the glastonbury website if I make a clear link and credit. If this data needs taking down for legal reasons please contact who can shut it down if it's deemed naughty!

Unless stated otherwise, all code is GPL and all data is whatever the Glastonbury website says their data is.

Mobile-friendly Line-up site - built from this data and dbpedia.


Glastonbury Lineup 2011 in RDF
RDF Converted into HTML table view
URIs of "Other things" with the homepages of performers
It turns out sometimes several things may have the same homepage (eg. a band, song and singer). This dataset lists all the stuff I could find in BBC Backstage, Dbpedia and musizbrainz, which had the same homepage as something in the Glastonbury data. It's a first step to properly linking up some of these artists. I've done something clever so it looked for both AND but always lists it as the version used by the Glastonbury site.
locations of venues
This data is supplied by the lovely people at GlastoEarth. It's in a separate document because it's strictly for non-commercial use only, and they must be properly attributed if you use it.


I've set up a SPARQL Endpoint to let you query over all the above documents, and the dbpedia and bbc backstage data relating to the main bands. Have fun!


If you manage to write any apps using this data between now and the festival, Let me know and I'll link them here!

Good Luck

I'm not going to Glasto this year, but if you are, I wish you good luck with the usual blights on the festival environment, rain, sun, hangovers etc.


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